Holidays, MBJCC, Passover



As we begin the holiday of Passover, I wanted to spread the word about the Merrick-Bellmore Jewish Community Council, an organization that serves to unite the broader Jewish community on Long Island’s South Shore.

The four main objectives of the MBJCC are: (1) to promote Merrick-Bellmore as a strong, vibrant, and robust Jewish community; (2) to encourage a deeper appreciation of and connection to our Jewish heritage and culture; (3) to combat all forms of anti-Semitism; and (4) to support the State of Israel.

Whether or not you belong to a congregation, and regardless of whether you are Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, or unaffiliated, the MBJCC is for you. Check us out for the latest Jewish news and events in our community.

Our website is  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy Pesach.  May we all continue to enjoy the blessings of freedom, faith, and family!


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