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“Stop the Bleed” – Sunday, December 15 @ 2:00 p.m. @ Merrick Jewish Centre – FREE

Stop the Bleed

Over the last few years, we have seen synagogues and other houses of worship become the target of violent attacks by hate-filled extremists.   We need only think of the horrific shootings at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh or at the Chabad in Poway, California to be reminded of this terrible reality.

As a community, we must do what we can to protect and preserve life.

A person who is bleeding can die from blood loss within five minutes, therefore it is vitally important to quickly stop the blood loss. No matter how rapid the arrival of professional emergency responders, bystanders will always be first on the scene.

The Stop the Bleed program teaches civilians the skills and basic tools to stop uncontrolled bleeding in such an emergency situation, so they are able to provide immediate aid until first responders are able to take over care of an injured person.

Without civilian intervention in these circumstances, preventable deaths will occur.

On Sunday, December 15, 2019 at 2:00 p.m., the Merrick-Bellmore Jewish Community Council is sponsoring a FREE Stop the Bleed training at the Merrick Jewish Centre, located at 225 Fox Blvd in Merrick.

This FREE and CRUCIAL training lasts only one hour, and will be provided by certified  instructors from Nassau University Medical Center.    Pre-registration is required, as space is limited.

To RSVP, please email:

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Everyone Should Attend This!!! Learn About the Vicious Anti-Semitism That’s REALLY Happening On College Campuses And How To Combat It

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Yom HaShoa: Holocaust Memorial Day


Today is Holocaust Memorial Day – a day of remembrance during which Jewish communities and individuals worldwide commemorate the six million Jewish people who died during the Holocaust. It coincides with the 27th of Nissan (on the Hebrew calendar) to mark the beginning of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943, when Jewish resistance fighters defied the Nazis and fought for freedom and dignity.

We must never forget.

Holocaust photo

The following links provide information about Holocaust survivors, and the atrocities they endured:

Telling Their Stories–Survivors and Liberator
Listen, watch, or read stories of those who survived the war, and those who liberated the concentration camps, interviewed by school children and historians.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Videos and transcripts of interviews with more than 500 survivors.

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GI JEWS will premiere nationwide TONIGHT! Wednesday 4/11 at 10 p.m. on PBS!


GI Jew

GI JEWS: JEWISH AMERICAN S IN WORLD WAR II tells the extraordinary story of the 550,000 Jewish American men and women who fought in World War II, and features original interviews with Mel Brooks, Max Fuchs, Si Lewen, Henry Kissinger, Deborah Dash Moore, Robert Morgenthau, Carl Reiner, Jonathan Sarna and others.

In their own words, WWII veterans bring their war experiences to life: how they fought for their nation and their people, struggled with anti-Semitism within their ranks, and emerged transformed.

Read more about the film and watch the trailer here.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. and Israel

Tomorrow is the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. (the federal holiday is observed on Monday, January 16), on which we celebrate the life and legacy of the civil rights leader and champion of racial justice and equality.

While most people know that Dr. King was a powerful voice against racism and for civil rights, many don’t realize that Dr. King also was an important ally in the fight against anti-Semitism and for a secure Israel.

When a student attacked Zionism during a dinner event in 1968, Dr. King angrily responded, “Don’t talk like that! When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking anti-Semitism!”

And when radicals in the civil rights movement identified with the Arabs in the run-up to the 1967 Six-Day War, King signed an open letter to President Johnson published in The New York Times urging American support for Israel.

Speaking at the annual convention of the Rabbinical Assembly in 1968, Dr. King said:

“Peace for Israel means security, and we must stand with all our might to protect her right to exist, its territorial integrity and the right to use whatever sea lanes it needs. Israel is one of the great outposts of democracy in the world, and a marvelous example of what can be done, how desert land can be transformed into an oasis of brotherhood and democracy. Peace for Israel means security, and that security must be a reality.”

So as we honor Dr. King’s commitment to civil rights (indeed, he went to jail 29 times to achieve freedom for others), let’s also make sure to remember about, and remind others of, his condemnation of anti-Semitism and his support for a safe and secure Israel.